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Pearl stringing has been a huge part of Diana Jones’ world.

As a child, she watched her mother  “bring back to life” broken strings of pearls by washing, restringing and knotting them on pure silk thread. This transformation was quite magical; seeing the lustre come alive and clasp sparkle. (Out with the old and in with the new)

Diana worked in Hatton Garden, London during the 80s and 90s, working with the prestigious jewellery houses of Bond Street and Knightsbridge, specialising in natural pearl chokers.


With motherhood calling, she then set up her studio in the Essex countryside, which gave her the inspiration and freedom to create stunning and original pieces of jewellery. And also offering a restringing service to her private clients and the trade.

Care of your pearls

Your pearls should be restrung every 1-2 years depending on how often they are worn. Listed below are some valuable tips to ensure your pearls keep their beautiful lustre and minimize damage to nacre (the oysters’ secretion around the mother of pearl bead, which creates the pearl).

  • Try to minimize contact with perfume, make-up, hair spray and face and body creams as this can cause the pearl to suffocate and lose its lustre.
  • After wearing, wipe with a damp cloth and place in a pearl pouch or box.